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Trauma therapy addresses a trauma, or many traumas, that continue to negatively impact your life. This may be any negative experience that has lasting effects for you; what is trauma can be different for different people. I use evidenced-based approaches, including EMDR, to guide you through identifying how negative life experiences have affected you, and to process it effectively so you can move beyond it towards the life you want to live. Please contact me to explore whether beginning this type of therapy, or working with me, is right for you. You can also read more about the types of negative life experiences I work with here.

If you have been involved in or witnessed a crime, you may be eligible for some coverage for counselling with me through the Crime Victims Assistance Program. Contact CVAP to learn more, or contact me to explore options.


Individual counselling and psychotherapy can take many forms, depending on the challenges you are facing and the life you want to live. We will work together to decide the right approach to address your struggles and needs. Visit the About Me page to learn more about the common challenges I can support, or contact me to learn more about whether I would be the right fit for you.

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I have been working with youth and young adults since 2012, and while therapy for this age group isn't necessarily different from other individual therapy, I bring a unique understanding to the challenges youth and young adults face on top of common mental health and other challenges, including feeling powerless, trapped, or misunderstood. I specialize in working with youth and emerging adults aged 17-25. Please contact me, and I would be pleased to connect with parents and caregivers or youth and young adults directly to explore whether this is the right fit for you.


Sometimes the most effective way for a parent or caregiver to support their child or youth is by addressing their own challenges related to the way they were parented, any trauma they have experienced, or any mental health, addiction or other challenges that affect their own well-being.

I use Emotional Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) to support parents and caregivers of children (of any age) facing mental health, addictions, and other challenges, in learning "advanced caregiving skills" to support a loved one, heal wounds between you, and improve relationships within your family.

We can explore the ways your own past experiences shape the way you are able to parent, and can combine EFFT with other forms of individual or trauma therapy. Contact me to learn more about whether this approach and working with me is right for you.

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