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I work from a trauma-informed lens, which means that I recognize the ways that trauma impacts mental health, interpersonal interactions and skills, behaviours, coping, and other factors related to wellness. I also recognize the burden of carrying a trauma and the pain of telling your story to someone who was invalidating, not understanding, or critical. In my work, I will respect the pace at which you want to disclose and will support you in healing through the process.


I am a white cis woman of settler heritage who identifies as Queer. I acknowledge my privilege and the limits of what I have experienced and can truly understand, and I aspire to make therapy safe and inclusive for folks of all identities, cultures, and histories. I welcome feedback and discussions about racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of oppression and bias, and I aim to learn and grow in my knowledge and ability to support all peoples.

Snowy Trees


I aim to make therapy accessible to folks with different abilities. If you feel support or accommodations would be helpful, please connect with me to find out how we can work together to make therapy accessible for you.


  • Longer sessions for folks with stutters and temporal differences in speech

  • Review of physical accessibility of spaces and needs

If I am unable to accommodate your need, I will try to suggest a resource that can offer what you're looking for.


I work from a harm reduction approach, which means I will never pressure anyone towards abstinence, but will support you to understand how dependencies and behaviours fit into your life, relate to your goals, and how you can keep yourself safe.

Misty Forest Reflection

Please connect with me if you would like to discuss how working with me can be as inclusive as possible.

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